Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Methods Field School

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Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Methods Field School

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College of William and Mary

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ANTH 226

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This course will include readings on Hawaiian archaeology to be completed before traveling to Hawaiʻi. The entirety of the course will take place the Hawaiian Islands, and the majority of it will involve field research in a remote field site- Miloliʻi Valley, on the island of Kauaʻi (Hawaiian Islands). Students will participate in two ten-day field projects, focusing on mapping, describing, and excavation of pre-contact and post-contact Hawaiian residential sites and agricultural sites. After each ten-day field stay we will return to the main town of Lihue where we will 1) complete lab work based on our site excavations, 2) visit other pre-contact and post-contact Hawaiian cultural heritage sites with native Hawaiian practitioners and island specialists and, 3) complete community based projects in collaboration with native Hawaiian community leaders. Native Hawaiian cultural specialists and members of the Na Pali Coast Ohana, a local stewardship group, will take part in all parts of the project, including the two ten-day field projects, the lab analysis, the field trips, and community outreach projects.

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