The Crisis in International Heritage Management

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The Crisis in International Heritage Management


Steven A. Brandt

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University of Florida

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Fall 2017

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ANT 4930/ANG 6930

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This seminar-style course provides a global perspective on the current state of Cultural Heritage Management. The management of Cultural Heritage has reached a critical stage. Political, religious and social conflicts, massive development projects, governmental complacency, ignorance, corruption and lack of funding, substantial tourism growth, and other factors have all seriously impacted the World’s, and especially the Global South’s ability to maintain, conserve and protect Cultural Heritage. The class will explore through formal lectures and informal seminar-type discussions what is meant by Cultural Heritage, and why and how it has shaped our past and contemporary understanding of ethnicity, “race” and racism, human rights, religion, symbolism and materialism, politics, history, media, business, migration and immigration, health, language and other aspects of contemporary society. The course will also consider how Cultural Heritage can be better “managed” and used positively to eliminate or mitigate many of the divisive social issues we face today.

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