Reading and Composition: Archaeological Ethics

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Reading and Composition: Archaeological Ethics


Katherine Chiou

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UC Berkeley

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Fall 2016

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Anthro R5B

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We all encounter dilemmas in our everyday lives. Oftentimes, these situations do not present a clear solution, forcing us to ponder the morals and codes we live by and the manner in which we attempt to present logical responses to ethical conundrums. The field of archaeology may, at first, seem like an odd candidate for discussion of ethics given that it studies past peoples. You will learn that archaeology is indeed heavily situated in the present and has many ties to such subjects as identity, notions of nationhood and nation-building, collective memory, and historical revision. This class will explore the legal and ethical dimensions of modern archaeology through a consideration of the archaeology as a profession, professional codes on archaeological ethics, the relationship between archaeology and others (the public, ethnic groups, collectors, etc.), international and national approaches to archaeological heritage management, the antiquities trade, maritime law, underwater archaeology, and treasure hunting, cultural resource management in the United States, and archaeological education.

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A PDF version of this syllabus is available through the Society for American Archaeology's webpage for "Syllabi: Ethics and Archaeology." Please contact instructor for further information.


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