Professional Skills and Ethics in Archaeology

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Professional Skills and Ethics in Archaeology


Lindsay Montgomery

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University of Arizona

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Spring 2017

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This course provides an overview of the ethical issues and practical skills that are involved in being an archaeological professional in today’s world. This includes a broader understanding of how archaeological knowledge is produced, the ethics of archaeological practice, and how archaeology is conducted across a diverse range of settings. Today, practical skills that students must learn include how to present and publish one’s work in a variety of venues, how to apply for jobs in different job sectors, how to present one’s work to the public, and responsibilities to local communities. An emphasis will be placed on writing skills, including research designs, abstracts, book reviews, an op-ed piece, a cover letter for a job application, and a formal CV. The course may be taken at any stage of one’s career – required assignments will be tailored to the student’s trajectory. This course fulfills the requirement for a class on research ethics by students employed on NSF projects.

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This syllabus was provided to us by Professor Lindsay Montgomery of the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Please contact her for a copy of the syllabus or further information.

Additional tags: archaeological research design; human subjects review; IRB; professional development; community-based participatory research; ethical codes; civic action; advocacy


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