Heritage Management in Archaeology

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Heritage Management in Archaeology

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Temple University

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ANTH 3175

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The United States and other governments of the world have legal mandates to manage cultural resources on behalf of the public. This course focuses on the archaeological component of cultural resources management in the United States and its linkage with environmental and developmental planning. Participants are given a working knowledge of how the system works, and how to work within it as a professional through a series of readings, classroom discussions, and hands-on exercises. Topic coverage includes: relevant legislation; the phased approach to archaeological and historical research; state and federal review procedures; proposal writing; interacting with clients, native peoples, and the public; professional ethics and standards. The nature of heritage management in other countries is considered for comparative purposes and as a way of illuminating the historical, socio-economic, and legal factors that have shaped the practice in the United States.

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Additional tags: heritage management; cultural resource management; proposal writing; state and federal review procedures


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