Heritage: History and the Past Today

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Heritage: History and the Past Today


Uzi Baram

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New College of Florida

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Fall 2016

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Heritage seems to be everywhere. The destruction of cultural heritage is an increasing concern in international politics. Archaeological sites are increasingly popular destinations for tourism. There are genealogical studies for individuals and groups and expansion of museums. We seem to be in an era of heritage, with various understandings of history and the past being debated in academia and popular discourse. This course is an introduction to heritage studies, including studies of tradition, collective memory, historic preservation, public archaeology, and heritage tourism. The contested aspects of the past will be highlighted, with ethnographic observations as a key resource. We will pay particular attention to the personal, social, and political economic aspects of the expanding heritage phenomena. There are no prerequisites.

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The URL above links to a PDF version of the syllabus found at the Dr. Baram's website at the New College of Florida:

Additional tags: heritage tourism; historic preservation; public archaeology; international politics


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