Ethical Issues in Museums

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Ethical Issues in Museums


Sally Yerkovich

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Columbia University

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ANTH GR5361x

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Museum professionals make decisions with ethical and legal implications regularly, seldom giving these judgments little thought. In part this is because these decisions are based upon values that become second nature. Occasionally, they confront especially difficult or challenging dilemmas and stop to think about ethics. Perhaps the circumstances for making the decision have changed. For example, constraints due to the current economic climate might make a decision more difficult, or the changing demographics of a museum's audiences might call into a question the advisability of relying upon accepted practice. Then, one must consider what is the right or wrong thing to do. How should we assess the possible consequences of our actions? Enrollment limit is 14. Instructor approval: Necessary for undergraduates and for students not enrolled in the Museum Anthropology program.

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Additional tags: museum ethics; ethical dilemmas


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