The Context and Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Southeastern Archaeology

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The Context and Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Southeastern Archaeology

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Advances in Archaeological Practice


Meyers, Maureen; and Horton, Elizabeth; and Boudreaux, Edmond; and Carmody, Stephen; Wright, Alice; and Dekle, Victoria

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Cambridge University Press




In 2014, the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) conducted a sexual harassment survey of its membership. The survey's goal was to investigate whether sexual harassment had occurred among its members, and if so, to document the rate and demographics of harassment. Our findings include a high (66%) level of harassment, primarily among women, with an additional 13% of respondents reporting sexual assault. This article provides an overview of the survey and responses. Additionally, we analyze survey data aimed at capturing change over time in harassment and assault, correlation between field and non-field tasks and harassment and assault, and correlation between gender of supervisor and harassment and assault. We also discuss the effects of harassment and assault on careers. We conclude with suggestions for decreasing the rate of harassment and assault and urge professional archaeological organizations to document sexual harassment and assault to mitigate the effects on their members and on the discipline as a whole.


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