Dwelling at the margins, action at the intersection? Feminist and indigenous archaeologies, 2005

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Dwelling at the margins, action at the intersection? Feminist and indigenous archaeologies, 2005

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Conkey, Margaret W.

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Please note: this abstract has been translated from Spanish and French for reference on this website - this is not an official translation of the author or publisher.

Abstract: This article explores the possible intersections between the ways we can consider feminist archaeology and Indigenous archaeology. This essay goes from a history of intersectionality in Western thinking to a consideration of these two archaeologies, their differences and their common interests and poses the question: what can we do to approach them intersectionally? Two dimensions of archaeological interpretation are integral to studies of both feminist and indigenous archaeologies: 1) the place and the role of experience, and 2) the use of oral tradition and storytelling. This article suggests some decolonizing methodologies and counter-investigations for archaeology. Finally, we discuss two aspects of intersectional and collaborative archaeological research that can be particularly enriching: our understanding of gender roles and of spatial archaeology. In suggesting that these two archaeologies work to transform archaeological practice, this article hopes to encourage the future development of a collective transformative conscience.

Abstract published in Spanish and French. The full article is published in English.

Additional tags: intersectionality; feminist archaeology; Ingidenous archaeology; decolonizing methodologies


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