Do you even know what public archaeology is? Trends, theory, practice, ethics

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Do you even know what public archaeology is? Trends, theory, practice, ethics

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World Archaeology


Richardson, Lorna-Jane and Almansa-Sánchez, Jaime

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Abstract: Archaeology is a discipline influenced by emerging cultural trends, especially with regard to theoretical approaches to interpretation and practice. Public archaeology is a relatively young approach, still finding its feet, and loose definitions of it have opened the door to multiple perspectives and opportunities. When research agendas include the issue of public engagement, we need to approach our practices critically from the beginning, and consider the consequences of ‘doing’ public archaeology. Moving beyond an understanding of the theoretical backdrop to our work, we first need to situate our work socially, politically and economically. This article will bring necessary critique to some current trends in public archaeology, proposing that commitment to sustainability, inclusivity and ethics are the basis for a responsible practice.

Additional tags: archaeology and politics; socioeconomic factors; sustainability; inclusivity in archaeological practice


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