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Nova Scotia Archaeological Society Constitution - Objectives


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The Constitution and Bylaws of the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society includes the objectives of the society: A. To bring together individuals interested in the study and promotion of archaeology, B. To estimate the interest in the study of archaeology, particularly as it reates to all ethnic cultures of Nova Scotia, and to work for the general advancement of archaeology among the public, C. To provide a mechanism for the recording of Nova Scotia sites known to non-professionals, and to assist in the location and recording of new sites, D. To provide a means for the exchange of information among professionals and amateurs, E. To encourage the preservation of archaeological sites and to promote public awareness of the need to protect our archaeological heritage. F. To disseminate knowledge through the publication of reports and newsletters and through public programs, G. To promote the establishment of chapters throughout the province, and H. To establish an association with other organizations sharing similar or related objectives, including all levels of government and the public.


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