Reglamento del Código de Ética Profesional (Colegio Profesional de Arqueólogos del Perú)

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Reglamento del Código de Ética Profesional


Colegio Profesional de Arqueólogos del Perú

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Based on the Professional College of Archaeologists of Peru, the obligations of the archaeologists include:

- Be prepared academically to practice the profession of archaeology and prepare reports on their works.

- To be obliged to actively defend archaeological sites through professional interventions in the face of blatant damage caused, and the organization must be informed.

- Issue objective and coherent technical reports about the archaeological reality of the sites and the corresponding materials.

- Accept and support the contents of the international charts and conventions on the defense and prohibition of trafficking in cultural property in general.

- The Ethics Committee will intervene on dishonest archaeological activities that affect the original integrity of the archaeological sites.

- It is the obligation of the members of the order that, when carrying out excavation work in archaeological sites, these are duly documented, registered, studied and published, as well as they must guarantee their protection and conservation, avoiding their exposure, deterioration or destruction.

- Archaeologists must know the laws and official regulations that govern, control and regulate archaeological activities in the country.

- Archaeologists must inform COARPE about facts that violate the Code of Ethics.

- Assume responsibility during archaeological investigations when they affect cultural and associated sites and materials, indicating in time if they cannot meet the established deadlines, both for field work and final reports.


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