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North Carolina Archaeological Society

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Amended January 28, 2018

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The North Carolina Archaeological Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of North Carolina's diverse archaeological heritage which reflects its population, past and present. Guided by these initatives, the NCAS strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all its members. The NCAS further supports the activities of a variety of archaeological agencies and institutions. By doing so, it works to maintain the highest standards of archaeological inquiry and inclusivity, while providing opportunities to learn about the past and about each other through archaeological endeavors. This organization has a bylaws that includes twelve articles: 1. Membership, 2. Nominations, voting, and elections, 3. Officers, 4. Duties of the officers, 5. Meetings, 6. Quorum, 7. Referendum, 8. Finances, 9. Amendments, 10. Chapters, 11. Publications, and 12. Offices.


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