The Ethics of Cultural Heritage (Ethical Archaeologies: The Politics of Social Justice, Vol. 4)

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The Ethics of Cultural Heritage (Ethical Archaeologies: The Politics of Social Justice, Vol. 4)


Ireland, Tracy and Schofield, John

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New York, NY

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Edited Volume


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It is widely acknowledged that all archaeological research is embedded within cultural, political and economic contexts, and that all archaeological research falls under the heading ‘heritage’. Most archaeologists now work in museums and other cultural institutions, government agencies, non-government organisations and private sector companies, and this diversity ensures that debates continue to proliferate about what constitutes appropriate professional ethics within these related and relevant contexts.

Discussions about the ethics of cultural heritage in the 20th century focused on standards of professionalism, stewardship, responsibilities to stakeholders and on establishing public trust in the authenticity of the outcomes of the heritage process. This volume builds on recent approaches that move away from treating ethics as responsibilities to external domains and to the discipline, and which seek to ensure ethics are integral to all heritage theory, practice and methods. The chapters in this collection chart a departure from the tradition of external heritage ethics towards a broader approach underpinned by the turn to human rights, issues of social justice and the political economy of heritage, conceptualising ethical responsibilities not as pertaining to the past, but to a future-focused domain of social action.

Volume 4 of the Ethical Archaeologies: The Politics of Social Justice series. World Archaeological Congress.

The Ethics of Cultural Heritage / Ireland, Tracy (et al.)
Ethics and Digital Heritage / Colley, Sarah
Ethics and Heritage Tourism / Watson, Steve
Heritage and Community Engagement / Waterton, Emma
Ethics, Conservation and Climate Change / McIntyre-Tamwoy, Susan (et al.)
Repatriating Human Remains: Searching for an Acceptable Ethics / Dickerson, Adam B. (et al.)
The Ethics of Visibility: Archaeology, Conservation and Memories of Settler Colonialism / Ireland, Tracy
The Normative Foundations of Stewardship: Care and Respect / Pantazatos, Andreas
Ethics and Collecting in the ‘Postmodern’ Museum: A Papua New Guinea Example / Bonshek, Elizabeth
Tourism, World Heritage and Local Communities: An Ethical Framework in Practice at Angkor / Mackay, Richard (et al.)
A Matter of Trust: The Organisational Design of the Museo de la Libertad y la Democracia, Panama / Sánchez Laws, Ana Luisa
Forget About ‘Heritage’: Place, Ethics and the Faro Convention / Schofield, John


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