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Social and Intellectual Frameworks

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Forensic Archaeology: Advances in Theory and Practice


Hunter, John and Cox, Margaret


Hunter, John and Cox, Margaret

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New York

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This updated edition of a textbook universally hailed as an indispensable guide, is a complete introduction to the methods and means of forensic archaeology.

Incorporating new advances in the field, new case studies, and charting the growth and development of the subject, Forensic Archaeology examines the four main fields of recovery, search, skeletal analysis and analytical science, and how the concepts and methods of traditional archaeology can by utilized within criminal investigations.

The authors provide in-depth chapters that discuss:

  • search and location
  • the various constraints and issues posed by an increasingly complex legal environment
  • the archaeology of individual and mass graves
  • how the subject has evolved to include international investigations of human rights
  • links with forensic anthropology
  • forensic geophysical survey.

This is an invaluable resource that will provide students, researchers, academics and the general reader alike with a fascinating introduction to this complex and crucial subject.

Additional codes: Declaration of Helsinki; ethical codes; forensic archaeology; Human Tissue Act (1961); Vermillian Accord


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