Responsibilities of archaeologists: archaeology and ethics (Lampeter Workshop in Archaeology 4)

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Responsibilities of archaeologists: archaeology and ethics (Lampeter Workshop in Archaeology 4)


Pluciennik, Mark

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Oxford, UK

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Edited Volume


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The idea that archaeologists are representatives or `stewards' of the archaeological record does not do justice to the complex practical decisions archaeologists often have to make, and the political and moral dilemmas they face everyday. This collection of papers seeks to move beyond the 2 big issues which tend to dominate any discussion of ethics in archaeology (namely `indigenous issues' and `artefacts in the art market') to reveal the complexities of ordinary archaeological practice. These papers attempt to articulate the problems that archaeologists deal with as they negotiate the plurality of interests of people from the past, the present and the future to whom they may consider they have a duty or responsibility.


Intellectuals and apes: the metaphor of archaeology in Pierre Boulle's La plane`te des singes /? Terry Bradford
Archaeology, advocacy and intellectualism /? Mark Pluciennik
Archaeology, funding and the responsibilities of the university /? David Austin
Clients, contractors, curators and archaeology: who owns the past? /? Christopher Cumberpatch and Paul Blinkhorn
Archaeologists as intellectuals: agents of the empire or defenders of dissent? /? Theresa Kintz
The responsibility of representation /? Sarah Tarlow
The responsibilities of ethnoarchaeologists /? Kathy Fewster
Dear Yannis: a letter to an archaeologist or "from one cultural producer to another" /? Clifford McLucas
Constructions and constraints : representing the discipline /? Quentin Drew


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