Open Source Archaeology: Ethics and Practice

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Open Source Archaeology: Ethics and Practice


Wilson, Andrew T. and Edwards, Ben

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De Gruyter Open

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Edited Volume


Open Source Archaeology: Ethics and Practice' brings together authors and researchers in the field of open-source archaeology, defined as encompassing the ethical imperative for open public access to the results of publicly-funded research; practical solutions to open-data projects; open-source software applications in archaeology; public information sharing projects in archaeology; open-GIS; and the open-context system of data management and sharing. This edited volume is designed to discuss important issues around open access to data and software in academic and commercial archaeology, as well as to summarise both the current state of theoretical engagement, and technological development in the field of open-archaeology.

The edited volume is open access through De Gruyter Open. You can access the full text at this URL:

Open Archaeology: Denitions, Challenges and Context/ Benjamin Edwards and Andrew T. Wilson
Digital Haystacks: Open Data and the Transformation of Archaeological Knowledge / Jeremy Huggett
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Open Access, Open Data and Digital Preservation / Ray Moore and Julian Richards
Community-Driven Approaches to Open Source Archaeological Imaging / Gareth Beale and Nicole Beale
Open Source GIS Geospatial Software for Archaeology: Towards its Integration into Everyday Archaeological Practice / Hector Orengo
What was Published is as Important as How it was Published / Lolita Nikolova
Free and Open Source Software in Commercial and Academic Archaeology / Benjamin Ducke
Building the Bazaar: Enhancing Archaeological Field Recording Through an Open Source Approach / Shawn Ross, Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Adela Sobotkova and Penny Crook
Archaeological Experiences with Free and Open Source Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Freeware: Implementation and Usage
Examples in the Compliance, Education, and Research Sectors / Joshua Wells, Christopher Parr and Stephen Yerka


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