Indigenous Archaeologies: A Reader on Decolonization (Archaeology & Indigenous Peoples)

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Indigenous Archaeologies: A Reader on Decolonization (Archaeology & Indigenous Peoples)


Bruchac, Margaret and Hart, Siobhan and Wobst, Martin

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New York

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Edited Volume


Book description: This comprehensive reader on indigenous archaeology shows that collaboration has become a key part of archaeology and heritage practice worldwide. Collaborative projects and projects directed and conducted by indigenous peoples independently have become standard, community concerns are routinely addressed, and oral histories are commonly incorporated into research. This volume begins with a substantial section on theoretical and philosophical underpinnings, then presents key articles from around the globe in sections on Oceania, North America, Mesoamerica and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Editorial introductions to each piece con­textualize them in the intersection of archaeology and indigenous studies. This major collection is an ideal text for courses in indigenous studies, archaeology, heritage management, and related fields (

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