Ethics in American Archaeology (2nd Revised Edition)

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Ethics in American Archaeology (2nd Revised Edition)


Lynott, Mark J. and Wyile, Alison

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Society for American Archaeology

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Washington, DC

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Edited Volume


Preface to the 2nd edition / Keith Kintigh
Preface to the 1st edition / Bruce D. Smith

Foreword / Mark J. Lynott, Alison Wylie

SAA principles of archaeological ethics
SAA editorial policy

I. Background. Standards, ethics, and archaeology : a brief history / Charles R. McGimsey III
Professionalism and the Society of Professional Archaeologists / Edward B. Jelks
Professional responsibilities and the American Indian / Elden Johnson

II. The principles proposed. Ethical principles and archaeological practice : development of an ethics policy / Mark J. Lynott
Stewardship : the central principle of archaeological ethics / Mark J. Lynott, Alison Wylie
Accountability : responsibilities of archaeologists to other interest groups / Joe Watkins, Lynne Goldstein, Karen D. Vitelli, Leigh Jenkins
Commercialization : beyond the law or above it? Ethics and the selling of the archaeological record / Larry E. Murphy, Mary C. Beaudry, Richard E.W. Adams, James A. Brown
Public education and outreach : the obligation to educate / Ellen Herscher, Francis P. McManamon
Intellectual property : ethics, knowledge and publication / Christopher Chippindale, David Pendergast
Archaeological records preservation : an ethical obligation / Nancy J. Parezo, Don D. Fowler

III. Formative commentaries. A cautionary perspective / Christopher E. Hamilton
Regaining our nerve : ethics, values, and the transformation of archaeology / Larry Zimmerman
Public education and outreach / Phyllis Mauch Messenger
Responsible archaeology is applied archaeology / K. Anne Pyburn, Richard R. Wilk
A comment / Ricardo J. Elia
Commercialization : the role of archaeological laboratories and collectors / Christopher Chippindale
The concept of the commons / Christopher Chippindale
The ethics code of the American Anthropological Association and its relevance for the SAA / Janet Levy
The arrogant archaeologist / Brian Fagan
Archaeology's dirty secret / Brian Fagan

IV. Further reflections. SAA to promote professional standards through ROPA sponsorship / William D. Lipe, Vincas P. Steponaitis
Teaching archaeology in the twenty-first century : thoughts on postgraduate education/professional development / Phyllis Mauch Messenger, Dennis B. Blanton, Tobi A. Brimsek, Noel Broadbent, Pamela Cressey, Nancy DeGrummond, John E. Ehrenhard, Dorothy Schlotthauer Krass, Charles R. McGimsey III, Nancy M. White
In defense of digging : archaeological preservation as a means, not an end / William D. Lipe
The potential for future relations between archaeologists and Native Americans / Lynne Goldstein
Indians, archaeology, and the changing world / Eldon Yellowhorn
Ethical dilemmas in archaeological practice : looting, repatriation, stewardship, and the (trans)formation of disciplinary identity / Alison Wylie


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