Ethical Issues in Archaeology

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Ethical Issues in Archaeology


Zimmerman, Larry J. and Vitelli, Karen D. and Hollowell-Zimmer, Julie

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AltaMira Press

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Lanham, MD

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Edited Volume


Foreword - Randall H. McGuire

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Ethics in the field of archaeological research, particularly arising in response to the recent trend of contract archaeology, becomes increasingly more complicated as a result of changing human relations surrounding historical evidence. The past is in fact no dead and buried, and ethical questions about this living record demand an ongoing discussion within the complex social and cultural domains that contend to interpret this record. Authored largely by members of the Society for American Archaeology Ethics Committee, this volume of original articles tackles issues such as the origin of archaeological ethics, responsibilities to the archaeological record (including discussion of documented and undocumented excavation) and responsibilities to diverse publics and between those in the field. This work should fuel a necessary debate among professionals and students of archaeology alike.

Introduction - Larry J. Zimmerman, Karen D. Vitelli, and Julie Hollowell-Zimmer

Part I: Where Archaeological Ethics Come From
Chapter 1: On Ethics - Alison Wylie
Chapter 2: The Development of Ethics in Archaeology - Mark Lynott

Part II: Responsibilities to the Archaeological Record
Chapter 3: Looting: an International View - Neil Brodie and David Gill
Chapter 4: Digging In the Dirt--Ethics and "Low-End Looting" - Julie Hollowell-Zimmer
Chapter 5: The Ethics of Shipwreck Archaeology - George F. Bass
Chapter 6: Archaeological Ethics: Museums and Collections - Alex W. Barker
Chapter 7: Cultural Resource Management and the Business of Archaeology - Christopher A. Bergman and John F. Doershuk
Chapter 8: Archaeological Curation: An Ethical Imperative for the 21st Century - Michael K. Trimble and Eugene A. Marino

Part III: Responsibilities to Diverse Publics
Chapter 9: Coffee Cans and Folsom Points: Why We Cannot Continue To Ignore the Artifact Collectors - Jason M. LaBelle
Chapter 10. Archaeological Ethics and American Indians - Joe Watkins
Chapter 11: Descendant Communities - Teresa Singleton and Charles E. Orser, Jr.
Chapter 12: Purveyors of the Past: Education and Outreach as Ethical Imperatives in Archaeology - John H. Jameson, Jr.
Chapter 13: Ethics and the Media - Brian Fagan and Mark Rose
Chapter 14: In the Spirit of the Code - Claire Smith and Heather Burke

Part IV. Responsibilities to Colleagues, Employees, and Students
Chapter 15: Safety and the Ethics of Archaeological Fieldwork - Donald L. Hardesty
Chapter 16: What Are We Really Teaching in Archeological Field Schools? - K. Anne Pyburn
Chapter 17: Gender Matters--A Question of Ethics - Rita P. Wright
Chapter 18: The Ethics of Research Knowledge - Christopher Chippindale
Chapter 19: Creating and Implementing a Code and Standards - Hester A. Davis

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