Embedding Ethics (Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series)

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Embedding Ethics (Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series)


Meskell, Lynn and Pels, Peter

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Berg Publishers

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Oxford/New York

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Edited Volume


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Anthropologists who talk about ethics generally mean the code of practice drafted by a professional association for implementation by its members. As this book convincingly shows, such a conception is far too narrow. A more radical approach is to recognize that moral judgments are made at every juncture of scientific practice and they require a negotiation of responsibility with all stakeholders in the research enterprise.Embedding Ethics questions why ethics have been divorced from scientific expertise. Invoking different disciplinary practices from biological, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology, contributors show how ethics should be resituated at the heart of, rather than exterior to, scientific activity. Positioning the researcher as a negotiator of significant truths rather than an adjudicator of a priori precepts enables contributors to relocate ethics in new sets of social and scientific relationships triggered by recent globalization processes - from new forms of intellectual and cultural ownership to accountability in governance, and the very ways in which people are studied. Case studies from ethnographic research, museum display, archaeological fieldwork and professional monitoring illustrate both best practice and potential pitfalls.This important book is an essential guide for all anthropologists who wish to be active contributors to the discussion on ethics and the ethical practice of their profession.

Your body, my property: the problem of colonial genetics in a postcolonial world / Jonathan Marks
The promise and perils of an ethic of stewardship / Alison Wylie
"Where there aren't no ten commandments: redefining ethics during the darkness in El Dorado scandal / Peter Pels
Anthropology's Malaysian interlocutors: toward a cosmopolitan ethics of anthropological practice / Joel S. Kahn
Sites of violence: terrorism, tourism, and heritage in the archaeological present / Lynn Meskell
Pain, politics, and the epistemological ethics of anthropological disciplinarity / Pradeep Jeganathan
Situational ethics and engaged practice: the case of archaeology in Africa / Martin Hall
A science of the gray: Malthus, Marx, and the ethics of studying crop biotechnology / Glenn Davis Stone
The morality of exhibiting Indians / Craig Howe
Documenting ethics / Don Brenneis
Solid histories for fragile nations: archaeology as cultural patrimony / Rosemary A. Joyce


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