Archaeological Ethics (Second Edition)

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Archaeological Ethics (Second Edition)


Vitelli, Karen D. and Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip

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AltaMira Press

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Lanham, MD

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Edited Volume


This volume is organized into thematic sections on archaeological ethics: Who Owns the Past?; Archaeology and (Inter)National Politics, Affected Peoples; Reburial, Repatriation, and Representation; and The Professional Archaeologist.

Book description:

The second edition of Archaeological Ethics is an invitation to an ongoing and lively discussion on ethics. In addition to topics such as looting, reburial and repatriation, relations with native peoples, and professional conduct, Vitelli and Colwell-Chanthaphonh have responded to current events and news stories. Twenty-one new articles expand this ongoing discussion into the realm of intellectual property, public outreach, archaeotourism, academic freedom, archaeological concerns in times of war, and conflicting values. These compelling articles, from Archaeology Magazine, American Archaeology, and Expedition are written for a general audience and provide a fascinating introduction to the issues faced every day in archaeological practice. The article summaries, discussion and research questions, and suggestions for further reading--particularly helpful given the vast increase in related literature over the last decade--serve as excellent teaching aids and make this volume ideal for classroom use.


Archaeology and the Ethics of Collecting, Arlen F. Chase, Diane Z. Chase and Harriot W. Topsey
Trafficking in Treasures, Maria Braden
Guardians of the Dead, Roger Atwood
The World Wide Web of Antiquities, Elaine Robbins
Faking Biblical History, Neil Asher Silberman and Yuval Goren
Anasazi in the Backyard, Andrew Curry
Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Preservation, Kathleen Bryant
The Race to Save Afghan Culture, Kristin M. Romey
The War within the War, Micah Garen
Beirut Digs Out, Marilyn Raschka
Flashpoint Ayodhya, Kristin M. Romey
Cloak and Trowel, David Price
People without History, Roderick J. McIntoch, Susan Keech McIntosh and Téréba Togola
When Artifacts Are Commodities, Julie Hollowell
The Rape of Mali, Michel Brent
Archaeotourism, Michael Bawaya
Burying American Archaeology, Clement W. Meighan
Sharing Control of the Past, Larry J. Zimmerman
Banned Books, Mark Michel
Out of Heaviness, Enlightenment, Robert W. Preucel, Lucy F. Williams, Stacey O. Espenlaud and Janet Monge
Remembering Chelmno, Juliet Golden
The New Acropolis Museum, Jarret Lobell
Archaeology's Dirty Secret, Brian Fagan
Intellectual Property Issues in Archaeology?, George Nicholas and Julie Hollowell
Lure of the Deep, James P. Delgado
Chronicler of Ice Age Life, Blake Edgar
Writing Unwritten History, Joe Watkins


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