Indigenous Archaeologies: Decolonizing Theory and Practice (One World Archaeology)

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Indigenous Archaeologies: Decolonizing Theory and Practice (One World Archaeology)


Smith, Claire and Wobst, Hans Martin

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New York

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Edited Volume


With poems by Heather Harris, Kerry Reed-Gillbert, and David Kirkby.

Decolonizing archaeological theory and practice / Claire Smith and H. Martin Wobst
Power to the (indigenous) past and present! : or, the theory and method behind archaeological theory and method / H. Martin Wobst
Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing as theoretical and methodological foundations for archaeological research / Heather Harris
Developing an aboriginal archaeology : receiving gifts from White Buffalo Calf Woman / Tara Million
Earthshapers and placemakers : Algonkian Indian stories and the landscape / Margaret M. Bruchac
The persistence of memory, the politics of desire : archaeological impacts on aboriginal peoples and their response / George P. Nicholas
You write it down and bring it back, that's what we want : revisiting the 1948 removal of human remains from Kunbarlanja (Oenpelli), Australia / Sally K. May, Donald Gumurdul, Jacob Manakgu, Gabriel Maranlngurra and Wilfred Nawirriidj
Letters from the field : reflections on the nineteenth-century archaeology of Harlan I. Smith in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada / Catherine C. Carlson
Reclaiming the ancient one : addressing the conflicts between American Indians and archaeologists over protection of cultural places / Darby C. Stapp and Julia G. Longenecker
The politics of American archaeology : cultural resources, cultural affiliation and Kennewick / Joe Watkins
Silencing and sharing of southern African indigenous and embedded knowledge / Sven Ouzman
Aboriginal ecotourism and archaeology in coastal NSW, Australia : Yarrawarra Place Stories Project / Wendy Beck et al.
Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan : archaeology, colonialism and re-claiming the future / Steve Hemmin and Tom Trevorrow
Coming back to country : a conversation at Firewood Creek / Peter Birty and Vincent Copley
Not just black and white : African Americans reclaiming the indigenous past / Ruth Mathic and Terry Weik
First, be humble : working with indigenous peoples and other descendant communities / Larry J. Zimmerman
We just have to show you : research ethics blekbalawei / Phyllis Wiynjorroc et al.
Living and learning on aboriginal lands : decolonizing archaeology in practice / Gary Jackson and Claire Smith
Looking forward - looking back : shaping a shared future / Ken Isaacson and Stephanie Ford
Towards an indigenous research charter / Daryle Rigney and Gus Worby
The next step : an archaeology for social justice / Claire Smith and H. Martin Wobst

Additional tags: decolonzing archaeology, colonialism, social justice, collaboration, cultural places


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