Ethical Issues in Archaeology

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Ethical Issues in Archaeology


Zimmerman, Larry J. and Vitelli, Karen D. and Hollowell-Zimmer, Julie

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AltaMira Press

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Lanham, MD

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Edited Volume


Foreword - Randall H. McGuire

Introduction - Larry J. Zimmerman, Karen D. Vitelli, and Julie Hollowell-Zimmer

Part I: Where Archaeological Ethics Come From
Chapter 1: On Ethics - Alison Wylie
Chapter 2: The Development of Ethics in Archaeology - Mark Lynott

Part II: Responsibilities to the Archaeological Record
Chapter 3: Looting: an International View - Neil Brodie and David Gill
Chapter 4: Digging In the Dirt--Ethics and "Low-End Looting" - Julie Hollowell-Zimmer
Chapter 5: The Ethics of Shipwreck Archaeology - George F. Bass
Chapter 6: Archaeological Ethics: Museums and Collections - Alex W. Barker
Chapter 7: Cultural Resource Management and the Business of Archaeology - Christopher A. Bergman and John F. Doershuk
Chapter 8: Archaeological Curation: An Ethical Imperative for the 21st Century - Michael K. Trimble and Eugene A. Marino

Part III: Responsibilities to Diverse Publics
Chapter 9: Coffee Cans and Folsom Points: Why We Cannot Continue To Ignore the Artifact Collectors - Jason M. LaBelle
Chapter 10. Archaeological Ethics and American Indians - Joe Watkins
Chapter 11: Descendant Communities - Teresa Singleton and Charles E. Orser, Jr.
Chapter 12: Purveyors of the Past: Education and Outreach as Ethical Imperatives in Archaeology - John H. Jameson, Jr.
Chapter 13: Ethics and the Media - Brian Fagan and Mark Rose
Chapter 14: In the Spirit of the Code - Claire Smith and Heather Burke

Part IV. Responsibilities to Colleagues, Employees, and Students
Chapter 15: Safety and the Ethics of Archaeological Fieldwork - Donald L. Hardesty
Chapter 16: What Are We Really Teaching in Archeological Field Schools? - K. Anne Pyburn
Chapter 17: Gender Matters--A Question of Ethics - Rita P. Wright
Chapter 18: The Ethics of Research Knowledge - Christopher Chippindale
Chapter 19: Creating and Implementing a Code and Standards - Hester A. Davis

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