Archaeology & Heritage: Ethics, Politics, & Society

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Archaeology & Heritage: Ethics, Politics, & Society

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University of Victoria

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Spring 2017

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ANTH 392

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This course examines the interface between heritage and ethics, politics and social systems, and the ways that archaeology and its practitioners are deeply entangled in western value systems and epistemologies. Using history to contextualize contemporary practice, we will consider the ways that archaeologists engage with current issues, debates and controversies within the discipline and beyond. After outlining the primary themes in contemporary archaeology, including who practices archaeology, how, and why, we will critically analyse topics including access and inclusivity of heritage, indigenous archaeology, the commodification of heritage, the dissemination of archaeological data and knowledge, and the sustainability of our discipline. This course will evaluate case studies from around the world, with special focus on Canada and North America. It will utilize a range of publication types, including academic monographs and journals, news articles, blogs, videos, and social media to access the diversity of contemporary discourses. It will also focus on taking an active approach to exploring contemporary issues and politics, exploring the role of archaeologists as advocates and activists, but also applying this knowledge to develop real world projects and endeavours. [Selection from course description. Please see URL for full course info.]

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This course also includes an active student blog, which can be found at the link provided. Please visit their website or contact the Anthropology Department at the University of Victoria for more information.

* Course has been archived.


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