Ethics in American archaeology: challenges for the 1990s

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Ethics in American archaeology: challenges for the 1990s


Lynott, Mark J and Wylie, Alison

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The Society for American Archaeology

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Washington, DC

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Edited Volume


The first edition - a second, revised edition was published in 2000, including new chapters and authors. The second edition is listed as a separate entry in this database.

Standards, ethics, and archaeology / Charles R. McGimsey III
Professionalism and the Society of Professional Archeologists / Edward B. Jelks
Archaeology and the antiquities market / Alison Wylie
Principles of archaeological ethics / SAA Ethics in Archaeology Committee
Overview: the work of the SAA Ethics in Archaeology Committee / Alison Wylie and Mark J. Lynott
Stewardship : the central principle of archaeological ethics / Mark J. Lynott and Alison Wylie
Accountability : responsibilities of archaeologists to other interest groups / Joe Watkins … [et al.] Commercialization : beyond the law or above it? / Larry E. Murphy … [et al.]
Public education and outreach / Ellen Herscher and Francis P. McManamon
Intellectual property / Christopher Chippindale and David M. Pendergast
Archaeological records preservation / Nancy J. Parezo and Don D. Fowler


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