Embedding Ethics (Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series)

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Embedding Ethics (Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series)


Meskell, Lynn and Pels, Peter

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Berg Publishers

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Oxford/New York

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Edited Volume


Your body, my property: the problem of colonial genetics in a postcolonial world / Jonathan Marks
The promise and perils of an ethic of stewardship / Alison Wylie
"Where there aren't no ten commandments: redefining ethics during the darkness in El Dorado scandal / Peter Pels
Anthropology's Malaysian interlocutors: toward a cosmopolitan ethics of anthropological practice / Joel S. Kahn
Sites of violence: terrorism, tourism, and heritage in the archaeological present / Lynn Meskell
Pain, politics, and the epistemological ethics of anthropological disciplinarity / Pradeep Jeganathan
Situational ethics and engaged practice: the case of archaeology in Africa / Martin Hall
A science of the gray: Malthus, Marx, and the ethics of studying crop biotechnology / Glenn Davis Stone
The morality of exhibiting Indians / Craig Howe
Documenting ethics / Don Brenneis
Solid histories for fragile nations: archaeology as cultural patrimony / Rosemary A. Joyce


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