Archaeology and Capitalism: From Ethics to Politics (One World Archaeology)

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Archaeology and Capitalism: From Ethics to Politics (One World Archaeology)


Hamilakis, Yannis and Duke, Philip


Hamilakis, Yannis and Duke, Philip

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Left Coast Press

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Walnut Creek, CA

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Edited Volume


Introduction: From ethics to politics / Yannis Hamilakis

Part 1: Ethics in question
When theory, practice, and policy collide, or Why do archaeologists support cultural property claims? / Alexander A. Bauer, Shanel Lindsay, and Stephen Urice
Ethical challenges to a postcolonial archaeology : the legacy of scientific colonialism / George Nicholas and Julie Hollowell
Cultural sensitivity, science, and ethical imperatives : contemporary archaeology in the Southwestern United States / Charles R. Riggs
What does it mean "to give the past back to the people"? : archaeology and ethics in the postcolony / Nick Shepherd

Part 2: Archaeology in capitalism, archaeology as capitalism
British commercial archaeology : antiquarians and labourers, developers and diggers / Paul Everill
Ethics, capitalism, and public archaeology in Brazil / Pedro Paulo A. Funari and Erika M. Robrahn-González
The historical process of the commoditization of the Near Eastern past by archaeologists : empire, war, civilization, and other assets / Tamima Orra Mourad
Archaeology within marketing capitalism / Alice B. Kehoe
"Sustainable" heritage? : public archaeological interpretation and the marketed past / Neil Asher Silberman
Contemporary museum practice in Cusco, Peru / Helaine Silverman

Part 3: Ethical futures, emancipatory archaeologies
"Grabe, wo du stehst!" : an archaeology of perpetrators / Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock
The archaeology of the Spanish Civil War : recovering memory and historical justice / Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè, Joaquim Oltra Puigdoménech, Elena Sintes Olives, and Dawnie Steadman
The culture of caring and its destruction in the Middle East : women's work, water, war, and archaeology / Maggie Ronayne
Ethics, objectivity, and emancipatory archaeology / Dean J. Saitta

Additional tags: politics, postcolonialism, contemporary archaeology, capitalism, historical justice


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